Why do you need advice?

Getting advice from a highly qualified professional will enhance your overall financial position.

Look for a Certified Financial Planner. These financial planners have achieved the highest certification available to financial planners worldwide. Senior Financial Planner David Leese holds this designation.

Our advisers are members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia having more qualifications, experience, ongoing training and adherence to a strict Code of Professional Practice and Code of Ethics than the minimum levels required by law.

With advice you can –

  • build a financial position to provide for your goals
  • reduce risk
  • protect family and assets
  • minimise taxation

The advice process

Firstly we like to meet with to get to know each other and discuss the services we can provide and to get information about your needs, goals and concerns. At Miller Leese we pride ourselves on the personal relationship we have with our clients, we need to feel comfortable with each other.

We then gather your personal and financial information. Contact providers to ensure the information is current and have all of the facts.

We then take time to analyse your financial position and develop strategies to help with your needs, goals and concerns. Find solutions for our strategies that meet your individual circumstance.

A Statement of Advice is developed. This document outlines our advice, strategies, fees and recommendations. If you are happy we implement and put in place the recommendations.

Review. We have developed Service Packages, depending on your needs and level of service required. These packages are designed to ensure the recommendations and solutions implemented are meeting your needs, goals and concerns.